1. Recognition

Valuing Service

While we do not always get it right, it's of a very high value to us. We'd like to engage the city in a clear simple message that great service should be valued.

To reignite a conversation about service throughout the company that leads to improving our own level of service to each other and to our guests.

2. Value

To communicate to the community the value that we place on providing great service, and that it is something we aspire to be great at (without being boastful about where we are today).

3. Conversation

To reignite a conversation about service throughout the community that leads to meaningful change; building equity for all who live in and visit our communities.

Live it Up!

There are many definitions of Servant Leadership, some quite eloquent! But the definition that perhaps is the most resonant and easy to take to heart and put into action is this one : Treat your staff like they are your customers.

Treating your staff like your customers not only gives them an environment they can thrive in, it deepens the culture of great service in the organization and the positive effects can be felt all the way to the customers at the counter! .

Join us for our next class in the fall of 2017.

Cash Award!
$30,000! ($5,000 in each city)

VIP Party for the whole business

Movie Passes:
10 passes every month of the year.

Marketing Value:
A full year of promotion:
Our screens, lobbies, web, social etc.

Media Partnerships:
We will utilize our relationships with the
media to promote the nominees and winners!

$30,000 - $80,000 of marketing value (depending on market)

Learning Opportunity!
We plan to share what we teach
by creating a day of fun, lively training
on the topic of service. Businesses and the community will be welcome!