2014 Grand Rapids Recipient & Nominees

The Celebrated Service Award

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Wyoming Animal Hospital

2754 Burlingame SW Wyoming, Michigan • Website

Wyoming Animal Hospital strives to deliver excellent service through exceptional pet and client care. It is our goal to treat each pet as if it were our own, and to understand the worries and celebrate the joys of each of our clients. We believe the first step in this process is to take the time and truly listen to our clients, to involve them in their pet care. We strive to provide the absolute best animal care for each pet, thereby improving the lives of the families they live with. We define celebrated service as each time we hand a pet back to the owner that in return receive a smile (and a tail wag or purr!).

Honorable Mention: Peppino’s Pizzeria & Sports Grille South

1515 Eastport Dr Grand Rapids, MI • Website

We at Peppino's have worked tirelessly to develop an environment both in-house and off premise that encourages our community to come together as one. We like to think that paying it forward is a policy that creates a win, win for everyone. It's not what our community can do for us, it's what we can do for them. I see this as the best form of Celebrated Service.

Honorable Mention: Cherie Inn

969 Cherry St. SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan • Website

The Cherie Inn is a local restaurant serving Grand Rapids since 1924. We specialize in breakfast and lunch and private parties at night in a European Café setting in the heart of the city. We always focus on our "Mission Statement" and that is providing "Gracious Service, Exceptional Meals and Professional Service".

Carrettino Italian Market & Wine

4301 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI • Website

We are a small family owned specialty food and wine shop in Towne & Country Shopping Center. For centuries, our family has been in this industry in Europe and the US. Currently, the fourth, fifth and sixth US generations are involved in our store. We provide quality products and a lot of value-added services at very reasonable prices. We have personal relationships with our key suppliers. We like to support family-owned food and wine producers who use natural, sustainable methods of production and high ethical standards. Some of our relationships go back generations. This way, we can provide our customers with quality and value.

D. Schuler’s Fine Wine & Spirits

2754 44th St SW, Wyoming, MI • Website

Located in Wyoming, Michigan since 1972, we are a retailer of craft and domestic beer, fine wine, liquor, & cigars. We also carry snacks, mixers, and soda. We believe that what distinguishes us from other retailers is the level of customer service we provide. Providing excellent customer service is also the most rewarding aspect of this business.

Discount Tire

1669 44th st SW Kentwood, MI • Website

We provide our customers with a quality product and top notch service, all at a great value. We do this with absolute integrity, and always put the safety of our customers first in everything that we do.

Fox Shawmut Hills

2807 Lake Michigan Dr NW, Grand Rapids, MI • Website

Since opening our doors almost five decades ago we have created remarkable experiences by building relationships. As we know, this industry is one in which a dealer cannot continue to exist without that consumer dedication. It is this kind of dedication that makes Fox Shawmut Hills a true institution here in Grand Rapids. After all, there are only so many dealerships that can stake claim to having third generation customers!

Lakeside Car Company

8224 Belding Rd NE, Rockford, MI • Facebook

We strive to retain our large customer base with the best quality service every time. We understand that every new customer through our door is as important as the customer who has been coming through that door the last 28 years. If you put a quality product and effort into every job you will be rewarded with a quality customer.

Northeast Automotive

1156 Knapp St NE, Grand Rapids, MI

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done and lessen any inconvenience to our customers. We have and will come in early, stay late, shuttle, offer loaner vehicles, and meet customers even on days we are not open.


1551 Wealthy Grand Rapids, MI • Website

Service is everything. Without customers, there is no business. Without business, there is no Spoonlickers. Without Spoonlickers there are no employees to hire and no money to donate to great local causes. Anyone can offer ice cream, or yogurt. But we like to think that no one can do it the way we do! Making sure each and every experience is special, each and every time.


1551 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI • Website

Here at Striders we have a huge passion for moving. whether it’s fast or slow; on foot, snowshoe, through water, or on a bicycle; we all crave activity. More importantly, however, is that we live to share the love of these actives with our customers. Service is not merely one facet of our business; it is the essence of who we are. We understand that people have diverse fitness backgrounds and ability levels. Our staff is trained to give personalized fittings taking into consideration our customers’ individual fitness levels, injury history, athletic goals, and a personal analysis of their gait. In short, we aim to empower our customers with the knowledge and equipment necessary to try something new or continue the pursuit of the activity they love.

The Cheese Lady

315 Fuller Ave NE  Grand Rapids, MI • Website

Great customer service is when a customer leaves happier than they were when they arrived. We try to make sure each person that enters the store gets a personal welcome and if it's their first visit, they get the quick 101 on how the store works. We never want our guests to feel overwhelmed, intimidated, or uncomfortable. Each guest receives individual attention and service to meet their needs, we try to make each experience great, with hopes that you will return and tell all of your friends about us!

The Green Well Gastro Pub

924 Cherry St SE, Grand Rapids, MI • Website

Our number one goal organizationally is to positively maximize guest service. we do this by providing superior food, beverage and service in an atmosphere driven by passion and pride. we help our associates attain success by providing them with the necessary tools to go the extra mile for each and every guest. Our success is measured daily by our ability to provide the maximum guest experience, we therefore depend heavily on our associates and their ability to use their individual autonomy to achieve the best possible experience for every guest they come into contact with.

Victory Apparel

11285 1st Ave. Suite 104 Grand Rapids, Michigan • Website

Making sure every person, school or business that orders with VA gets the very best in price, service and fast turnaround time.

Yoga Heat

820 Monroe Suite 104 Grand Rapids, Michigan • Website

Our business is built around our students. Every day we tailor our classes to who is in the room, serving them in the best way we know how. We talk to our students about their needs, their health, any injuries or conditions they might have and we create a class that is suited to what they need that day. We love helping our students feel good about themselves and feel great in their bodies.

Don't see your favorite business above? If you know of a business that really understands what their guests want, gets it for them and goes the extra mile to provide a great experience, please share your story! We'll try to check them out for next year!